I'm going to show you how to take your marketing from stressful to fun, easy & effective... by being more you!

because working with me is all about you building a business that...

feels lit up and liberated!

Unlock your unique purpose & energetic blueprint, so you can show up with more authenticity and magnetism.

The ultimate in catapulting your online empire forward, with a crew of inspiring peers!

Cash in on your experience & wisdom through creating a high demand digital product here.

Why lit up & liberated?

Because I spent too long chained to a corporate career, feeling the opposite.

It's my absolute passion to help women like you understand yourself better, so you can create the massive impact you desire.

I fuse 30 years of marketing experience with Human Design intelligence, giving you the gift of influence.

Can you imagine your marketing becoming more easeful AND effective?

How about a YES PLEASE!

If you're sick of following other peoples strategies and scratching your head when they don't work...you're in the right place.

It's time to activate the secret weapon that is....YOU.

Come into my world

These popular bite size freebies will help you grow your empire with the lit up and liberated way!

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Course? Membership? Mastermind?

This digital product decision guide will take you step by step through YOUR situation and give you the pro's and con's to claim your path!



Learn to write copy that rings the till!

Because you deserve a never ending flow of abundance to support your lit up and liberated lifestyle.


Just getting started?

If you're still doing the corporate thing and craving some direction...this 90 minute masterclass is for you. It's designed to help you gain clarity as you dream up your lit up and liberated future.



Hey there lovely!


I'm Yvette, the self proclaimed Lit Up & Liberated™️ Entrepreneur. A Human Design for Marketing mentor (30+ years experience) and intuitive business coach that leads with heart and loves the woo!

Tricia Camacho - CEO Creative Costume Academy

From single course, to digital empire!

"having Yvette in your corner, it's a game changer. It's a game changer to have her marketing experience, her business experience, and her heart and her honesty. It's just the perfect storm.

And it's meant everything in me getting to where I am in my business. Yvette is the best Business Coach EVER".

Briana Graydon - CEO Pink Cow Social

"My first course sold out during early bird"

"My first direct experience Yvette was on a discovery call and I just loved her energy, I got that immediately. 

6 months on, I’m running a growing business and helping to support my family.

And with Yvette’s help and creating my signature course, I was able to do that."


Stephanie Notares - Founder, Counselling skills for Dieticians

Off the charts upgrades!

Working with Yvette, I launched my course twice, with a huge upgrade in between. It’s now a repeatable, scalable asset.

I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable on how to run an online business and market the business. The support that she provides is incredible. 

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