What if there was a simpler more profitable way to monetise your business beyond 1:1 or consulting type work 

without the time crunch, spinning wheels, or tech overwhelm…

Would you finally feel confident enough to design and create an irresistible digital offer?

Limited time price available now!

Because not sharing your knowledge digitally is costing you.

Every day, your audience continues to move to the digital solutions that fit into their new contactless, schedule-friendly reality. 

But are they able to buy yours?  

Whether you’ve tried to create a digital product in the past or have been trying to figure out how to design a workshop, group program, course, or membership… 

If you’re done:

> Feeling the tension between time and money

> With your highest cash flow months being your most exhausting months

> Stressing over everything you’ve tried to add or pivoted to since 2020 and feeling like it has led to nothing more than hustle and hassle


because you still have the chance to fall in love with your business...

and feel a sense of ease and control you thought was too good to be true and out of your reach. 

To finally discover a balanced reality that is possible in just a few weeks. 

You’ve put a lot of work into personal and professional development, and you’re finally ready to say yes to your big dreams and commit to taking action.

 With all the amazing impact and difference you create in your clients’ lives, growing your business should be exciting

You’ve built up so much good karma helping others on their path, honing your skill, and getting clients

You’ve earned a better way to reach people and grow your income in a natural way that’s an extension of you. 

Turning your passion into profit

Monetising your wisdom and experience. 

Establishing more impact and freedom in your business.

But lately, that’s felt more like a pipedream....... 

In reality

 You thought with all your knowledge you’d be better at creating and growing your business. 

But your business is barely making it and truthfully you’re barely holding on. 

You built a business to help others but you’re exhausted and growing resentful of your clients, the money you’re spending and not making, and where your time is going. 

There’s days you wake up wondering how you got here. 

You started a business to build a life you love, but the reality is anything but. 

When your bank is full, your energy is drained.  

When you’re rested and time balanced, your bank account leaves you lying in bed thinking about where you can grab your next client and how to make next month different. 

For the 8th month, your journal reads, 

“I will create space for me and have a thriving business!” 

You feel like you’re on the entrepreneur hamster wheel, doing "all the things", yet struggling to create the kind of profits you crave. . .

Trading dollars for hours with a stretched schedule and not enough money to pay the bills. . .

Adding something else to your bag of tricks feels tiring and overwhelming, but the fact is your current business is what’s tiring and overwhelming. . .

let's get 'hot seat coaching' real for a minute...

Growing and scaling is more than just adding more clients or raising your prices.

Owning your own business should be as good as advertised but you aren’t only successful if you work from a helicopter pad in Tahiti or are done by 2 pm on a Tuesday. 

You can have a complete and fulfilling business and still have time for your favourite workout, see your family, and have enough money to buy that new computer, plus plan your next escape.

With all your experience and the people you’ve helped, you deserve to love your business 

To feel a sense of ease and control with a level of satisfaction you thought would only come at 7 fig or consistent 5 fig months. 

Having a level of contribution you thought only possible from cloning yourself or writing a New York Times best-selling book.

“Didn’t know it could be this good this soon” can be your company mug, and it should be.......

You’ve already invested so much in your people, in your knowledge, and skills to help others --

 Let’s Expand

I'm all in!

5 Reasons You’re Still Stuck on the Time for Money Roller Coaster 

(and how to get off)

"I made my DPA investment back within weeks & have recently launched my program again to even greater success"


it's never been easier

Going from idea to irresistible offer has never been easier

You already know creating a digital program that fits with your business is critical to the success of your business and the harmony of your life. 

But when you add in my proven 4-D Formula, you’ll also be able to 

> lock in on the problem & transformation you bring

> create clarity in how you will take your audience through the transformation

> craft your messaging by developing an irresistible offer that the right customers can not wait to buy

My proven 4-D Formula is a roadmap with strategies for profitably growing your business. 

A roadmap that creates a possibility where you open your laptop, review your overnight sales and see the amazing impact your programs are having on the lives of the people you serve.

Yes Please!

Hi, I’m Yvette 

2.5 years ago, I dropped out of a 30-year corporate career after running offices in Sydney, London, and New York to build my own business. 

And because of digital products, my business has tripled to multiple six figures in the last year and allowed me and my pup Chilli Sparkles to travel around Australia while continuing to grow my impact and income. 

I'm extremely passionate about helping you create a business that loves you back. For me, that means purposeful, profitable and scalable.

And while my passion has been consistent, my success was not a straight path. 

In year one, I tried network marketing, consulting and considered yoga teaching.  

Thankfully after 6 months, while none of these things stuck, they led me to coaching, and everything clicked. 

Before long, I had a stack of 1:1 clients - YAY. 

And yet, I remained a long way from being able to support myself financially.

The idea of digital products was enticing…..but along with the limiting beliefs of who am I to do this, there was also the confusion over where to start.

I felt like I had so much to offer and was constantly busy, but focusing on trading dollars for hours was exhausting.

I knew launching a digital product could create the shift I craved, but I didn’t really know where to start.

So being the scrappy go-getter I am,  I jumped on YouTube & taught myself how to create my first digital program. A group coaching offer and tadah, it was incredibly successful and I haven’t looked back.

NO, IT WASN’T!  It actually flopped, I sold 0 spots

but while my pride was injured, I had a glimpse of what was possible, and I became determined to “do it properly” next time. 

The observing and trying to stitch it together on my own didn’t work. 

And so I invested in a tonne of support and training and as I kept trying and testing I found myself skyrocketing.  

I’ve since launched 3 courses, 3 rounds of my Mastermind with success, and a few other paid programs. 

I have never felt so aligned as the Lit Up & Liberated Entrepreneur. 

this is what's it's all about...


"I've launched my course 4 times & expanded into a growing membership"

I have to say if you're serious about your business:  growing, learning about marketing, making a true impact and change, and you're ready.........really ready to go there - this is for you. You do need the help and guidance this course offers. 

With Yvette in your corner, it's a game changer, a total game changer"


"I launched my program twice with a huge upgrade in between"

Yvette taught me all of these amazing skills now that I'm able to take into the future of my business.

I now have a business that's in line with my values, my future goals and the lifestyle that I need to have in order for the business to be successful......but to also still have some time with family and enjoy life! 



"My first course sold out during early bird"

I am running a business and helping to support my family. I never thought that I'd be able to say that - a social media business. And with your help and creating that offer for my course, I was able to do that.

Watch out now I'm ready for world domination!



I'm so ready!


Dedicated to taking you from idea to irresistible offer so you can stop sacrificing profit for time and missing opportunities for impact

This course is not only for coaches and online business owners but also for any business owner who’s ready to monetise their knowledge and create a greater impact through workshops, memberships, group coaching programs, or courses.

Digital Product Academy is everything you need to:

  • Determine and design your best digital product
  • Confidently build an audience, who trust you're the person to help them
  • Create an offer, that's so irresistible, it will sell with ease

3 Ways Digital Product Academy Will Change How Your Business Makes Money Forever

ONE - Two root modules that walk you through the key decisions for success

We don’t do pie in the sky around here. We’ll start at the heart of your values and craft alignment with your business and audience as we make transformational decisions around your digital product and the audience you will impact. 

TWO - 2 core modules to design your program and ensure it’s the irresistible offer your audience is waiting to put their credit card details in for

You’ll learn the entire process of business alignment, audience attraction, the journey of transformation, and repeatable impact generation.

THREE - Absorb, Implement, Ask

We’re taking it step-by-step with live training, time for implementation and monthly Q&A, where I’ll answer your questions and discuss your progress. There’s no simple DIY around here.

My number one passion is to help women cash in on their years of experience and wisdom through digital products so you can believe I’ll be right there with you moving you into action and answering questions along the way. 


Digital Product Academy is your chance to leverage everything you know into a product that’s scalable, in demand, and PROFITABLE 

Module one

decide: key decisions to set your digital product up for success

We start DPA by discovering your alignment with what you’re creating, who you’re creating it for, and what transformation you’ll guide people through.

Remember, we’re not about spray and pray methods in our business. We create products and offers based on strategic decisions for the success of our clients and business. 

By the time you’ve finished this module, you’ll lock in on the problem you want to solve and the transformation you’ll guide your audience through.

  • Understanding the importance of  alignment to what you’re creating- this new digital product will align with your business goals, the audience you want to serve, and the life you are building.
  • Dial-in on your ideal audience  - each offer serves an audience, and we’ll discover who that audience will be and how they fit into your business as a whole .
  • From Problem and Desire to Transformation Equation - understanding this equation is the key to creating offers that will actually help your clients and get them excited to buy from you. No more hoping you can help or that they’ll buy what you’re offering.
  • Which digital product is for you - you know the problem, the transformation, the audience, now let's focus on the vehicle to get it to them. We’ll start with the one digital product that will bring you the fastest and simplest results with the greatest impact.

Module two

demand: building your audience and offer demand

With foundational decisions made we get into another root area: your audience. 

There’s no reason to make a digital product for the sake of it and hope people show up to buy… No, we engineer our own success.

Success in this module means you’ll have clarity on how to build an audience and take them into transformation and a way to create demand for your digital product before they even know it exists.

  • Audience Attraction Strategy- a full functioning, real-life strategy for audience attraction
  • Audience led platform focus- you do not need to be in “all the places all the time” to succeed. But you do have to be where your audience is looking for solutions. We’ll dive into where that will be and how to show up there
  • Audience led quality content- now that you’re where they can find you, you need to speak to your audience with messages meant for them and the platform you’re using. We’ll dive into the best strategies and how to know what to do when.
  • Email marketing and lead generation- there’s no better way to speak directly to your audience than through their inbox. There’s also no better way to create a larger audience of the people who are excited for your offer than through the right lead generation.

Module three

design: the journey from where they are to their transformation

We’ve locked onto the problem you’ll solve and the transformation you’ll take your growing audience through, now let’s design the program that will take them on the journey.

  • Idea generation- many options for how to create the transformation, but what’s the best way? Let’s work through it and figure out what should be part of your digital product and what should be supporting content
  • Themes & lessons -you will be learning how. to structure content into themes and subtopics (modules, lessons trainings) to maximise absorption for the 'student'
  • Content organisation- beyond just the digital product itself, you will create content for the audience. Social media posts, emails, and more, so keeping it organised will be key for yourself and any team you have. In this module, I’ll take you behind the scenes and share my Trello board creation and organisation strategies. 
  • Learning styles & content types- people are multidimensional and learn in a nonlinear fashion. But what does that mean for you a first-time digital product creator? Well, if you want people to have success in your program you have to give them every opportunity for success. We’ll go through what considerations to make for learning styles and the different types of content (audio vs video vs transcripts) you’ll need to create inside your program.

Module four

desire: crafting that oh so irresistible offer

You can see the finish line of creating your digital product and well done you!

Gone are the days of hoping you’ll have more streams of income, of waiting for the day when you can create a bigger impact, or regaining some of your time back while still doing the work you love. 

You’ve made it, and it’s time to craft your message so your audience cannot wait to buy! 

  • Irresistible offer framework- oh yeah, we’re making this baby repeatable through the magic of my framework. There is a science behind taking an offer to the irresistible level, and I’m going to lay it out for you
  • The hook- calling to our hand-crafted audience who’s ready for their transformational journey to begin. The hook is the secret to letting them know this offer is for them and I’m sharing my marketing secrets so you can create yours
  • Core promise- a promise is the end result of a transformation. We’ve already determined the transformation, now let’s create messaging that speaks to the audience who needs it.
  • Pricing- I wouldn’t help you craft an irresistible offer only not to teach you how to price it. Here we’ll align your audience with the result and build integrity in selling so you can be profitable and create a bigger impact every day.
  • Objections into opportunities- you may not have heard this before, but an objection is really just an opportunity to address a question. I’ll walk you through taking the emotion out of the sales conversation and helping your audience know if they’re ready to start their journey with you

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to a curated bonus suite to take you to the finish line faster...

let's dive into your bonuses

bonus: finding your why workshop

Your true Why is the basis for everything you successfully create in your business. Unfortunately, we often chase the shiny objects or listen to fear and chase money- creating a business that’s unaligned and trying to be “all the things to all the people”. 

So from the very beginning, we’re going to refresh on your Why. It might be the first time or the 50th time you’ve thought about your why, but my workshop will bring this digital product desire into focus with the rest of your newly aligned business offerings.

If you're a long way from knowing what you want to teach or host, this workshop will elevate you into clarity.

$97 Value


bonus: launch it!

Digital Product Academy focuses on creating your irresistible digital product, but after 4 weeks, you’re going to be itching to get this offer launched to your new and growing audience, so I’m gifting you with my project management tool to guide you through your entire digital launch.

$197 value

bonus: tech made simple masterclass

We both know learning and creating a digital product is exciting and amazing but also daunting when you think about tech. 

To keep you on course and fulfil my promise of a simple and easy offer creation, I bring you my Digital Product Tech Made Simple Masterclass.

I will be teaching you all the 'how to's; from recording your content, to hosting your course, and cover options from 'budget' to all the bells and whistles.

$147 value

FB ads for audience growth!

Yes you can grow your audience through social media organically....and....but....when you have a digital product to launch, you DO want to take advantage of FB Lead Ads! In this 90 minute workshop, I will teach you how to DIY your ads, step by simple step.

$197 value

are you ready??


  • Four pre-recorded modules, in easy to consume 10-20 minute video lessons
  • Monthly live Q&A with Yvette
  • Private FB community (Valued at $399 USD)
  • Lifetime access to all content & upgrades (priceless)
  • Bonus Finding Your Why workshop (Valued at $97 USD)
  • Bonus TRELLO powered launch system(Valued at $197 USD)
  • Bonus Tech Made Simple Masterclass (Valued at $147 USD)
  • Workbooks, design TRELLO templates (Valued at $lots)



$444 USD




$155 x 3



Lit Up & Liberated Guarantee

I am so passionate about helping women cash in on their years of experience & wisdom, through adding digital products to their business...so instead of stressed, you feel lit up & liberated. 

To make it an easy yes I’m giving you a 7 Day, go through the first module with me guarantee. 

If you get into your why and the first week’s exercises and discover a digital product does not align with your business goals and you are not wanting to create a larger impact through less hands-on time in your business, email my team at [email protected] and we’ll process your refund. 

Questions your fellow high achieving biz owners asked before saying yes to Digital Product Academy

Design your program and irresistible offer in the time it takes to catch up on BRIDGERTON

Still unsure?

You’re ready to get off the money for time roller coaster and join Digital Product Academy if…

  • Your business is up and running but it lives and breathes on 1:1 and in person interactions. If you’re not there, you’re not making money and you know there has to be another way
  • You’re ready for a simple and clear way to discover and craft your digital product idea to turn it into an offer without the time crunch, confusion, or tech overwhelm
  • You have a burning desire to create greater reach and impact and you’re open to learning and building what’s needed to do so
  • You’re done with dreaming and visualizing what could be. You’re ready for inspired action that’s realistic and comes from a proven system
  • You care about the business you’re building. You want a business of strength not just for yourself but that you know will be there for your clients when they need you
  • You require everything in your business to be built with purpose so you’re excited to not just create another offer, but to create the right digital product for you and your audience
  • Not only that, but you know what it takes to show up and serve and this is just one more way of providing jaw-dropping transformations for your clients. The kind they’re sitting at home dreaming about right now
  • You feel confident clicking that “I’m In” button and starting your journey of transformation from idea to irresistible offer with me as your guide  

You are perfect for DPA and exactly the person I made this for when you hold your hands high and say yes, I am all in. 

This is me and I’m ready to move in a new direction, a bold direction, that will level up my business from passion to profit to abundant success.

I'm in!

you all in?


  • Four pre-recorded modules, in easy to consume 10-20 minute video lesson
  • Monthly live Q&A with Yvette
  • Private FB community (Valued at $399 USD)
  • Lifetime access to all content & upgrades (priceless)
  • Bonus Finding Your Why workshop (Valued at $97 USD)
  • Bonus TRELLO powered launch system(Valued at $197 USD)
  • Bonus Tech Made Simple Masterclass (Valued at $147 USD)
  • Workbooks, design TRELLO templates (Valued at $lots)



$444 USD




$155 X 3